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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

isn't it weird that the last time i post, it ws raining...and now imma gonna post again...and hey, it's raining... this time it's Glenda's turn... ugh!

before anything else, there are soo many things that happened after i posted... hmmm... of course:
1.) studying is always included

2.) we had this 30-min extension in our psychology class for 8 meetings i think coz she'll be gone for quite sometime after our prelim exams

3.) somebody invited me, well, it's a lunch/dinner kind of thing... we ate at 1611, and yeah it was fun, so much stories to tell, blah-dee-blah... tambay near the field until 6:30, then ian and i went to the library... twas 7:00 by the way... uh! we're so into psych that day...we have to...;) so after that, we went to the UST hospital cz ian's grandmother was hospitalized... so i decided to visit her... and accompany ian for a moment... then rode the lrt...together with ian and her siblings since they have to go somewhere...aannd...yeah..that's it...

4.) we had this pictorial for mr. and ms. bes...they have to post it in the lobby...and its at the lobby right now...ha! te make up was on my face the whole day, i had classes wearing the make-up and the headband...it's a glam day for me..i mean...because of the make-up, i look... formal and neat...and...not me...

5.) my mom's birthday came up...and i was really problematic about how would i keep the cake that i bought her 2 days before her birthday... so i kept it at my friend's house... then the night before her birthday, i went to their house and get it... told my mother that i was gonna borrow my friend's book... so there...
the next day: i woke up at around 3:45 so that before she wakes up the cake with lighted candles all over it is infront of her... suhhweet... and my mom was shocked and kept on asking where did i hide the cake, and she said to herself that she wants cake...and ta-da... her wish is my command...

6.) morning after her birthday, we went to astoria suites and ate breakfast there..and gawd all the food were soo yummy... especially the arrozcaldo...woah!

7.) friday that week, my family including the mother side family wen to tiendesitas and still celebrated my mom's birthday...an after party...clams and oysters were soo delicious!!! listened to some bands...roam around and bought a shirt...yipeee...

8.) rehearsal for GA...fun because it was like modelling class for us... fun.fun.fun.

then the following days aside from sunday..classes were suspended...ugh..i really wanted to go to schooll because of totol boredom...and yes, the GA was cancelled... and now we're all stuck at our own houses...doin nothin...maybe only I do nothin?!

so there this is my story for the past 2 weeks...




Yover the rainbow;

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


i really don't want it when rainy season comes...as in... i get so scared with the flood all over cainta rizal... including our village...our street...sometimes the flood just gets in the garage... right now, we're all in the state of---being frightened... a little pouring of the rain pa... flood will get inside the house---yeap...inside the house... aside from that, how about those people who are still at work, on the roads, and the houses who are in the danger zone already?


well, i know that God will never do anything that will do no good to anybody ryt?--- haaay... i just wish that this will end soon...I AM REALLY SCARED...

i wasn't able to go to school awhile ago, i waited for the flood to go down a little, coz our car might get drowned...mahal mgpagawa... nwey, it was almost 11 and still, i'm not near UST... and almost all of my blockmates were there... one of them said that classes will be suspended at 12nn...so, she suggested that i should not go to school anymore...unfortunately, our first prof checked attendance, so yeah, m absent for the first time... but i'm not blaming my blockmate... even if i went to school, i am already late... no use...:)

yesterday, i was so stupid to act so weird infront of someone...it was hilarious!!! my friends were really laughing at me... haha...can't tell the story here...sorry...


Yover the rainbow;

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday, July 06, 2006

my last update was like two weeks ago... kinda long for me---well, not to be surprised and all, because there is only one reason---college life...
yeah i'm enjoying my college life, my blockmates, our professors, the school, everything... i just can't adjust with our schedule...I am trying to, i don't have any choice and how can i reach my dream if i'll be lazy and will kept on sleeping...?? haay... i hope i can adjust na soon...
next is that i'm so stressed this week... all night puyatans coz of the quizzes and homeworks...again, its hard to review and do hmworks because of our sked...

anyhoot, i will still stick with my dream... nothing can ever hinder me...there shouldn't be anything that can hinder me...
i hope everything will turn out fine...

"i thought my feelings for you are gone... i really thought... but seeing you makes me weak... it's like you're so...friggin'
'perfect'... my first impression to you keeps on coming back... but there's nothing i could do but to stare and enjoy the friendship... it's the most important thing for me right now---i can't afford to lose that single relationship ever---OUR FRIENDSHIP"

Yover the rainbow;