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Friday, December 24, 2004

Friday, December 24, 2004

DEC 25
....cnt feel that it's Christmas..is it just me? or there are also *some* who feels this way? *sigh*...m happy because yah, we celebrated it, we ate noche buena, but the others are sleeeping..gawd..oh well, one more thing, only a few greeted..and, we're not complete,, bsta i really dnt feel it...nwey, we ate hamonado, potato salad, ice cream, ham, coke, potato with melted cheese on top and chicken wings..i ddnt ate that much..m nt starving or nything..later lunch time, my relatives are going here cz of my lola, fun, kc we'll be having some games..i like games..haha..so wt??
DEC 23
completed the simbang gabi!! wohooo.. and i was telling jovecca, sna mgoffer ako..smetime..hehe.ts bgla akong hinatak nung babae, daling ko dw ung wine..o dba, ang bilis ng wish ko..haha..nd naman sha wish, prang wala lang,, ts bglang eun..then dec 18 onwrds, i was driving on my own, nkrting nko sa makro, mall, mercury drug..chapel namin..wohoo...so hapi...
DEC 20
....christmas party of our class, but i ddnt go there because i have other plan/s.. markeT!market!..hehe..with hana, riva, valmo and moi.. we arrived there mga aftr lunch na..and we (hana, riva, I) were late...ooopsss..ate at KFC ts ngikot, we were suppose to watch a movie pro wlang mgnda, so we played na lang sa timezone..yesss... mrunonmg nko mga dance mania!!! whaha...nkktwa c riva, xe nglaro sha nung may drums, then she was acting that like she was a real drummer,...kea chneer namin sha..played basketball, time crisis, car...eun, ts went to fashion market and ung gft market ba un?...then bought a pair of slippers na may butterfly!! ANG CUTE!!! then a bag, orange and yellow green combination..so cute..eun...ai before pla kme pmunta sa market2, eh we were waiting for a taxi..ts may mama (as in man) na tagahanp ng sskayan ng mga tao then u'll give him a tip..bsta gnun he asked:
man: sang market keo?
me: sa market market po
man: market market...ung tone pa ng boses nia ung kala nia niloloko ko sha, kea umalis ha...pro hnananpn nia dn kme ng cab, di namn alam, nde namin sha nbgyan ng money kea nkonsensya kme...*sigh*
nwey...eun, aftr dun, umuwi na kme...then ngrocery kme ng mom ko sa crossings(mercedes), ts went off to robinsins cainta, nagikot, bought an asymmetrical shirt na spag sa kbilang side, kea nde daring..hehe..so cute...eun...
DEC 17
this day was suppper fun, ngkaron nga FFC presentations from the diff. department..HS shmpre pinaka mgnda...hehe...bsta msya to...
DEC 14-17
EXAAAMMSSSSS...it was okay cmpred last quarter..pro pleeaasse ang math isang oras lang!! gaaarrraaabbbee!!! and i ws quite happy though sa BM exams, uhng accounting..nbalance ko sha..na wlang error..eh un ung kilabot skn eh ung dko mbalance..ewn ko lang if i did well sa ibang parts and subjects..i hope naman...

Yover the rainbow;

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Bagyong yoyong:i am definitely amazed with what happened..not because of the storm itself but the miracle...it was predicted that it will last for quite sometime pa, but no, the next day, wla na, i mean mron pa pro paalis na... ts dba as we hve seen sa tv, covered tlga ung buong Philippines? ts bgalang wla na...miracle tlga,,i believe tlga na dhel ung sa prayers ng mga tao..=) THANK GOD..atleast dba na rescue the next day ung mga tao...
MARIAN CELEBRATION: o dba, kpangalan ko pa.. for the others..that's my nickname...(so what??) haha..anywy..we strted with a procession and prayed the rosary, we went straight to the gym and talked about..wooopsss, i cnt remember..then (not in order nto ah), we watched a movie bwt Our Lady of Fatima, 'twas nice pro bitin..hmf..ts nag cathechesis about lady of Guadalupe.. and we had an anticipated mass and we also had uhhh..bsta prang short mass.. blah..i dnt know..sori...
i got home at around 9 already...but before ako bmba, nasiko pa ni pas ung upper lip ko..tsk3..joke..ts may cngaw...ouch..currently, i just finished my eco proj..it's nice. put designs on it...but i'll put more effort on the folder i guess..=)

Yover the rainbow;

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Thursday, December 02, 2004

hai...still raining dhel may bagong bgyo...the mightiest YOYONG!! haha...where did i get that?? nwey, naglagay na kme ng sandbags sa labas pra mpigilan ung watre if ever ngbaha uli..if kme bngbha, wt more nln ung iba noh?? hai..i really pity them, m also scared though.. "rain rain go away...come again...uhh...never again" hwaaats dat?? nwey, m disappointed with one of my "best frends" before..nka chat ko sha, i was so happy and all, i asked her questions na sbrang obvious na mis ko na sha..prang wla lang sa kanya, she ddnt even bther to ask how m I doing, unless she'll throw the question back at me..it's not that m asking for smething in return, but I was expecting shmpre na she'll also be excited, m the only one asking questions and all..to think that she was my bestfrnd...gah! i dnt know...nevermind...

Yover the rainbow;