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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday, June 22, 2006

first day hi...

first day was sooo okay... never ending hellos, and the "oh-you-look-different" kind of reaction, the "musta summer lines" and thngs like that... we were like in a market place...really, we're soo noisy and yet so happy...all of us were happy to see each other...it'd better be...ha! so there, blah-blah-blah, here comes the homeworks, and new teachers, and you know what first day means...so i'll not tell everythin...aryt?

anyhoot, m still adjusting with our kakaibang sched... mmm not really different, but, having a night shift is so different to me cz i'm heading off to school at 6am eversince i was a kid...so there, i'm still not that comfortable studying soo late at night...but hey, i have to get use to this one...

i was chosen ms. bes---uhh..reperesentative of our class...kinda nervous in the question and answer thingy...phew...goodluck...but m really thankful, some people do notice me pala...

and... my current status is: napipikon... as in... how could anyone do this to me...well in fact i did nothing to that person...so now i realized that:
s/he(para d halata) is not the person i thought s/he was..................
i thought you were different among the others.......

Yover the rainbow;

Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006

"I was here for you from the very start
those words that i said to you really came from my heart
but as time went by
something new came in clear
what had happened to the person i considered dear?
In your eyes now it was not there
the way you looked at me showed you no longer cared
Your new self almost made me cry
so now i stand alone
for you made me stronger
when you acted that it was really goodbye..."

-meg magazine edition '04

Yover the rainbow;

Monday, June 12, 2006

this is soo not new... got my hair relaxed, as what i always do once a year i think... its straighter now and 'manageable'... haaay...thanks to those chemical chuvaness...haha...

hmm...went to laguna, and visited my tita and lola, and everybody there... coz she's(tita) really sick as in... i do wish that she'll feel better sometime... coz she's so weak na talga... prayers people if u don't mind...thanks

riviera country club here we come!!!
met up with bea and hannah at st. francis square, around 10:00am i think, while waiting, i ate breakfast at mcdo, and gone-'solo' that moment...then, bea and her family picked me up, soo fun... they were really surprised coz of my skin color... and hair... ha! 'nyhoot, stopped-over at the south expressway, bought chips and 'snack/drink' at icemonster, them head-off to cavite...

so amazing... very huge place... golfcourse, swimming pool, lobby...uhh...huge talaga.... ate lunch there... and swam already... have you ever seen a person who went swimming and went on to the slide without even wetting her hair even a bit?? well, folks, that's me...see, i can't wet my hair but i also like to swim... so there... i swam in the 4ft pool and while sliding, hana was infront of me and she controlled the slippery slide... wohoo...

after riviera:
went to the fort, and ate at chicken bacolod inasal...soo yummy... chatted for a while, then went home...grabbe..it was a blast!!! wish we were comlete...errr...maybe sometime...

went to mass alone, cz my mom heard the mass yesterday(saturday)... then after lunch, i went to the mall, bought a little bit of groceries, the most important ones... and i was supposed to roam around pa, but so many people were at the mall, i can feel there elbows already... exaj! so just went home......

one day to go...school time again

Yover the rainbow;

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

it's exactly one week before hitting the school again, second year, another chance to make my dream come true--to be a d.l or just make my grades higher every sem... i hope i can do it... coz right now, i'm really determined to make it happen... i want to prove something for myself, that i can do it, and nothing can ever stop me...
anyhoot, i'm suffering from toothache right now, coz of my re- attached retainers,, can't eat, can't talk that much, and plus, my gums are soaring...i want to eat... but can't handle the pain no more... haaay...
tom, i'll go to the salon and get my hair relaxed... hopefully... too much swimming this summer, too much sun that made my hair kinda frizzy and all that... i just have to prepare for the heat afterwards coz i can't tuck my hair behind my ears...oohh noooh!!
as for my personal life/tribulation bout my life...two words, 'i quit' for awhile, maybe this isn't the right time to think about those stuffs, i mean, if it really is for me, then it will come back again, if not, good enough, atleast i've tried...as what my friend keeps on telling me: "come what may"--live your own life and just rely on what is happening at the present... dont' predict, and don't judge the future...

and yeah, i think she's definitely right...

Yover the rainbow;

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday, June 03, 2006

we're stuck here at luanne's place!!!

there's flood all over our village....shux!!!...
"rain rain go away come again...never..."<--- well i dnt want rains honestly... yeah its okay if floods doesn't exist... i mean, not only here in our place, but most especially the people who'll get stranded, who are driving right at this very moment, the people who will evacuate, people who will lose someone cz of falling debris and all...how about them...ryt? haaay...

but i believe naman that God won't create such thing with no reasons at all... i trust Him...

haaay...went swimming a while ago...ate pancit canton, our ever favorite...some junk foods... softdrinks..*burp*...yuck bastos pala...joke...

for you: i miss ya and u look good...

Yover the rainbow;

Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday, June 02, 2006

May 29, 2006:
my dad and i met, its his pre-birthday celebration at the office... went first at my cousin's house, then went straight ahead to his office...
ate snacks at greenwhich, robinson's manila... chatted, bought some utensils...back to the office, bought food behind the binondo church... "estero" was the name of that chinese restaurant... sounds not that good to me since estero is the canal ryt? but, the food was super yummy as in... it's beside a river not a canal namn...so there... we ordered so much food... yang-chao rice, beef brocolli, shanghai, pancit, chopsuey...hmm...cnt remeber the rest, but its freakin' yummy...went home at around 10...we went to starbucks the fort pa, uhh, i miss caramel frap...wohooo... my dad had this 'senti' mode that evening... i was kinda squeezed at the middle cz of the things he told me...its hard...really... u dnt even know what to say/comment... *phew*

May 31, 2006:
my mom and i went to tiendesitas... i always enjoy when i'm going there...so many stuffs to look at, new clothes to try on, delicious food of course... well, i wasn't able to buy anything, or i didn't let my mom buy me anything even if she asked me too, when i want something, i save first before i buy, eh i already used what i saved...so there... it's okay...no biggie... i dnt want my mom to spend something for me... unless its very2 important...
we ate baked clams, baked oysters, calamares and crispy kangkong... ugghh!!! YUMMY!!! other viands were for take out, we ddnt all of those... *gutom??*...bought my brother a shirt...ang cute... he liked it...yey...

June 1, 2006:
ENROLLMENT!!!i was really excited today cz i'll be seeing my friends... though it was really hot... we enjoyed cz of the chit-chatting moment...met at 9:30am, borowed jared's fone, loaded it with P100, and the saddest part: talking to jam for the last time... you know the feeling that you've got so many thngs to tell, and when ur already talking to the person, u forget everything? that's what happned to me... i did get to tell her the take care and i'll miss her so much part, and some updates, but i handed it to my other blockamates, cz i'll just cry again if i talk to her longer...haaay...
enrollment was fun and hot at the same time, but its worth it cz we have updated so much while waiting... and what's cool is taht my 'tropapis' are all in one p.e class!! how cool is that?? we chose basketball talaga...but sadly, our chsen sked of basketball are closed already...bummer... so we chose socila dance instead... i loove dancing... but not the folk dance type of dancing... so good thing its social dance... yipeee...

ate at KFC after, laughed so hard and chatted again...then went home with rayne, chuckie and jared... rayne and i went to gateway...just to cool-off ...went also to SM, rayne bought a school bag and i bought a pair of slippers cz my feet are soaring... really... went back to gateway and of course, makakalimutan ba naman namin ang timezone?? so there we played basketball and house od the dead 4...wohoo...so fun...there...before slepping i cried alot, while i was in the fx jam texted me, an hour before her flight... i can't cry in the fx...so...yeah, i reminisced and all... haaay... thanks to carlo and he texted me until i fall asleep...

Yover the rainbow;