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backstabbers, people leaving you behind, feeling, mayabang, and doesn't give importance to education, disrespectful, hard drinkers and smokers, monkeys(literal to); SM sign outside the buliding


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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Thursday, May 26, 2005

first survey in months

fOur Things You Are Thinking About Now:
1. upcoming back-to-school
2. my teeth..natanggal na braces ko..hehe..
3. bestfrend,barx..
4. what will happen to me tom..my dad's gonna pick me up..
Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought:
2. food
4. shirt for my mom..
Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink
1. water
2. orange/mango juice
3. iced tea
4. and more water
Last Time You Said 'I Love You' And Meant It ?
> uh...i really dnt remember
Last Time You Cried ?> last night...
What's In Your
CD Player ?> none..nt into cd's...
Color of Socks Are You Wearing ?> none eh..
What's Under Your
Bed ?> dirt? joke..i dunno..
What Time Did You Wake Up Today ?> 8am.
Hair ?> medium length
Clothes?>>white shirt and green shorts
Current Worry ?> bsta...
Current Hate ?> pkelamera??
Last CD You Bought ?> m nt into it..remembr?
Favorite Place To Be ?>
swimming pool
Least Favorite Place ?> none nmn
Instrument you wished to Play ?> m playijg the guitar but i wish I knew more
Color(s) ?> purple..pink..
Do You Believe In An Afterlife ?> yuo..
Current Favorite Word/words?> nothin in particular
One Person From Your Past You Wish You CouldGo Back And
Talk to:> uhhmm..
Favorite Day/s ?> Everyday!
Where Would You Like To Go To?>
How Many
Kids Do You Want ?> 3??...
Name a girl/boy u really liked but nothing workedout!>aba malay ko...
Person u are thinking ryt now. >dami eh...

*wah! todo sket ng ipin ko!!! kinabitan ako ng retainers today...
*everybody's going to school..gusto ko nden...i min, I want to study and kill boredom
*tom up to sunday...m off to laguna...

Yover the rainbow;

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

..went to megamall
it was a blast! went to the mall with my barx...excpt beia...sayang nmn...anyway... it was our plan to meet there at around 12nn...I was the first one to arrive, since I have to leave early cz I live in cainta, get it? anyway...Waited for almost 45 mins for them to arrive... eh la pa ung isa so we decided to eat already @ mcdo.."mabahong mcdo" c/o bvergs..haha.. we just kept on laughing and goofing around...riva, bea and hannah were talking bwt smtin, nkikitawa ako, then bgla akong ngfollow up question: "Ano ba pinaguusapan niyo?"..the funny part was, their topic was about my birthday.."stufid".... nakkahiya! after eating, hinatid namin c bea sa starbucks cz she has other "gimik"..haha..with elinor malicdem...so there, 4 nlan kme..went staright to timezone, and spend our P200 there... FUN! sbra! we played house of the dead where we reached...uhmmm...forgot the part where we stopped, but twas far...*clap3*...played basketball, air hockey...
next stop: booksale...riva and hana browsed for books obviously...while I bought myself a pair of slippers @ egg...cute2!! pmatay..weh! went also to powerbooks, and just loitered there...haha...we're soo tired that time... went to dunkin donuts to buy "pasalubong" for my mom...and drove myself home...

Yover the rainbow;

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Here’s what happened:
10:30- went to the parlor to have my hair and make up done since wala na kmeng time pumunta dun sa hapon..it was ssooo cool, ang ayos ng ichura ko, not only because of the make-up, iba din xe ung aura ko..parang ansaya talaga na excited and all.. it looks good on me and also the hair.. thanks to Jun Encarnacion of Xperts.. before me, ngpa hair and make-up dn mom ko.. steeeg..ang ayos..ang gnda..
12:15- went to Sweet Home bakeshop in Pasig where they create such lovely and out of this world cakes, and you can have your own designs..as for me, I chose to have a pink and lilac motif cake, 2 layered cake with butterflies aroung na pde kainin,,pastel colors nga eun..sbrang cute, ts may
flowers dun na mukhang fake, but u cn also eat it.. and may girl wearing a pink gown just like me..ang gnda tlga..i love it!
12: 45- went to club manila east, kung sn ggwen ung party, rested muna sa villa, watched tv, etc..ngorder kme ng food mga 1:15, at dmting ung food ng 3:45..grbe, ngdidilirio na kme sa gutom tlga..
3:30- pmunta sa villa ung ksma naming sa bahy ngaun at dte, xe sila ung usherettes namin..sosyal..they wore pink semi formal top and black skirt..nice..
5:30- they all went sa venue to check on the place, ako ln mgisa dun sa villa, aftr a while, ngbihis nko and all, beaded pink gown, gloves, tiara, silver shoes and silver bag.. I kept on looking at the mirror xe ntutuwa ako sa ichura ko..I look nice and very happy tlga..
6:30- Minnie and her parents arrived at the villa, pumunta sha dun xe tinignan ko ung ssbhin nia for the introduction,,it was really nice and touching.. minnie’s parents greeted me and asked us about the villa because it was so nice..
7:15- rode the golf car, picture2 muna, then went straight dun sa pavilion.. dun muna ko sa labas since di pa start, nglabasn ung mga ibang frends and greeted me, they all look soo happy and excited..they were all pretty..
7:30- pinapasok na sila, and dun pden ako sa labas with my mom, mga last retouch, and what to do, etc.. nung pmasok c mama sa loob, I spotted my dad paparating, kinuhaan ako ng pic and kissed me sa cheek.. I’m glad he was there..
papa: sn galing ung
flowers na hawak mo?
me: ksma po dun sa pinagawa sa florist
papa : unti naman niyan..gusto mo kunin ko ung dal ako ?
me: cge po..
grbe.. I was so surprised to see na ung
flowers na dala niya..sbrang dami and original pink roses..grbe..eh sbe nung tiota ko, wg ko dw muna dlen sa entrance, pag parade ko dw chka iaabot sken ni papa..
8:00- nagstart na-late na xe hnintay namin ung pinsan ko na mgssbe ng invocation… kuya was my escort..
8:15 onwards: nag enter na kme sa door, habng tumugugtog ung band ng “just the way you look tonight”, kinakaldkad ako ni kuya, ang bilis mglakad, and my dad hand me over the rosed that he bought..stand still sa stage and looked at the people around me.. then walked dwn the aisle while they were singing “pretty woman”.. inikutan namin ung mga tao, and they all look so happy and proud, especially my parents and realtives and friends.. all of them..had the testimonial made by
Minnie, invocation by Kuya Howard.. aftr that, pinatayo ung table 1 for picture taking then straight sa food and so on… band was singing beautiful songs..and sobrang ganda ng mga boses nila, hindi ordinaryong boses..sbrang galling tlga nila..especially Dianne, the daughter of the singer/ host..isang family ung band..asteeeg tlga..two thumbs up!;)
After dinner, we had the
games (say niyo?),,haha.. first..trivia game for my close friends, my friends sa bus plus minnie won the game…and won a fisherman’s hat.. next is the duktungan ng salita game..3 words ln dpt ssbhn nio and dpt connect keo dun sa before sa inyo (watch nuts entertainment)..this game is for my cousins namn…nanalo ung iba ng cd case..
After that we had the 18 treasures,,d sha ng 18 xe ung mga ngsbeng ppunta, eh dim n lamang cnbe na di na pla ppunta..sus…but its okay… ntouch ako dun sa lahat.. pte dun sa 18 cndles ko..i never thought nag non ako kmahal ng mga tao and na sbrang importante ako sa knila..THANK YOU!!!
Nag blow nko ng cake, dance, eat, talk, laugh…
11:30 umalis na mostly ng tao.. ntia dun ung mga close frends ko and barx k… they left ng mga 12..my dad went home 12 dn…hnintay nia tlga xe mag 12 tlga.. we talked and kung ano2..
I’m very happy kc aside sa bday celebration, complete ang family ko na parang wlang nangyre..my dad acted normally, sa khit kninong bisita..
MAY 02, 2005
Gmicing ako ng 7pm.. asr nga eh ayw mbuksn ng fne ko that time.. nwey..nligo ako dun..ang bilis ko umitim..pro d namn mshdo.. ayos lang..kmain kme d.. and gem texted me 5 times…asar kc nwla bgla nung bnuksn ko fne ko!! Grbe nkakahinayang!! Nwey..checked-out nga mg 12nn
and went to the church to offer the
flowers dpat, eh closed, kea umuwi na kme..opened the gifts..I was so excited to open all of it..andme tlga..ansaya..mostly pang dalaga binigay sken..yikeee.. grbe.. I’ll NEVER forget what happened last May 01 and May 02!!! It was a blast..
Watch Nickelodeon- Spongeob bday bob list..andun ang name ko.. one is Marian Alcala, ung isa Helena Alcala..haha..ANSAYA!! That was my dream long time ago pa..haha..wish granted..
*I’ll be going to marinduque on the 20th-22nd of May.. excited..
* PICTURES: soon…..
* dmeng balloons dito sa house..nice..lalang..shering..

Yover the rainbow;